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At Hiday & Ricke we treat everyone with respect and courtesy. We’re happy to assist you in a manner most convenient to you. However, we ask that you please do NOT call our clients directly. Because your file has been turned over to our office, it is very important that you only communicate with our firm.



In today’s world, new rules, regulations and laws are created and change almost daily.

Embracing this new environment and adapting procedures for client protection mitigates future risk and reduces cost.

The Positive Side of Compliance:

  • Inherent transparency of the CFPB over previous regulatory bodies.
  • The potential reduction of state and federal agencies that regulate consumer debt collection.
  • The ability to streamline the number of agencies and firms you use, thus reducing your compliance overhead and improving your efficiencies.

Compliance is no longer a buzzword, but a way of life.

It’s a culture that must be created from the top down, requiring education and attention to detail.

Our firm carefully complies with state and federal laws, regulations, etc.

The Path to Compliance

  • Recognition – ‘Compliance is only a dirty word if you are not in it’… the rules are there for a reason and if you adopt them, the process will be much more worthwhile. Rise above your peers by embracing the process.
  • Training – Solid, regular education is essential. Your staff will be more effective, confident and productive if they are fully, regularly trained.
  • Commitment – This cannot be done in fits and starts, but must be a way of life.


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We have offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Ft. Lauderdale.

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Client Dashboard

Hiday and Ricke is always looking for new ways to streamline and improve processes, leverage technology to maintain top-level security, and provide transparency to our clients in innovative and efficient ways. Our proprietary client dashboard does just that, and more.

Retrieve, print and email all notes, reports and documents related to your accounts in a secure environment, 24/7 – at no additional cost. Your accounts, in one place, managed globally. It will be far easier to track, report and share progress with your team, while working in a secure environment. New file activity is notated and stored daily so that all information is up to date.

Our dashboard offers a simple and straightforward interface for file uploads and review. Our robust reports cater to your needs:

  • Free, downloadable, excel friendly.
  • Status at the granular level.
  • Placements per month.
  • Costs vs. payments per month (excellent cash flow indicator).
  • Portfolio overview.

"It's awesome - the best system I've come across."

A Loss Control Manager at a local credit union provided the following testimonial regarding the simplicity of the dashboard:

“It’s awesome – the best system I’ve come across. There’s no need to call someone for an update, and everything has a paperless option, which I love.” With the ability to read notes and view images attached to any file, our clients are able to see firsthand how we are improving their bottom line.

Customized charts allow you to see how cash flows between you and the firm. You can filter by time frames, display debtor payments vs. court costs, and drill down to the individual files with our responsive charts.

Contact us today to discuss how our streamlined, lean process can help keep your accounts in one, secure and easy-to-access place.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Hiday & Ricke is very proud of the legal team that we have assembled over the years. All of our attorneys are shareholders in the firm, and each has experience in creditors rights litigation.