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What Can You Do When Debtors Refuse to Pay?

What Can You Do When Debtors Refuse to Pay?

When it is evident that the judgment debtor is unresponsive, garnishments can be an extremely effective recovery tool to collect debts that have been entered as court judgments. There is a common misconception that attempting garnishment in Florida is an impossible waste of time and money. But the truth is Florida has (comparatively speaking) excellent garnishment laws, and with the help of your debt collection attorney, it is less expensive than you might think.

In our recent White Paper, we show you in detail how garnishments can work for your institution and your collections department.

Florida garnishment law allows for two main types of garnishments: wage and “bank.” Wage garnishments require a debtor’s employer to turn over a percentage of the debtor’s paycheck to the creditor. Bank garnishments, however, are not just for banks. Any money or property being held by a third party is subject to garnishment. It may be a savings account or CD at a local bank or cash stashed away in a child’s account to avoid creditors. Using the latest research tools and persistent discovery work, your commercial collections attorney can ferret out assets to collect and pay off your judgment.

wp-cover-garnishmentTo learn more, download our free White Paper, “Garnishment: Forcing Debtors to Pay Involuntarily.”

With the help of an expert  creditors rights law firm, the process of a garnishment will be smooth. Contact the attorneys at Hiday & Ricke for a consultation on how garnishment can help Reduce Your Florida Accounts Receivable in 2015.

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