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Staff Highlights – Megan van Meurs

Staff Highlights – Megan van Meurs

Megan is a Project Manager, and one of our most capable team members. She is heavily involved with creating more efficient ways to handle current processes within the firm. Megan is an example of how Hiday & Ricke “goes the extra mile” for clients.

A couple of years ago, we were approached by a client who had over 300 unworked small claims judgments, some of which were several years old. Small claims cases involve debts of $5,000 or less, and in Florida, judgments are valid for 20 years. The client knew that there was untapped potential, but did not have the time or the staff to follow up and collect these judgment debts. Essentially, the client had worked hard for years to obtain many judgments, but their recoveries were lackluster, so they reached out to Hiday & Ricke for assistance.

The firm decided to send Megan to the client’s offices to solve this dilemma. Shortly thereafter she arrived at the client’s location, mastered their internal systems and promptly uploaded all of the affected judgments into our online system. These efforts paid off in a dramatic way. Within 90 days, we were collecting over $40,000 per month on this new portfolio. From the client’s perspective, this was found money, gravy.

After this first on-site test we were so pleased with the results that we sent Megan to two other client sites with equally impressive results. It is now standard operating procedure for us, and Megan is uniquely talented to go into our clients’ offices and ‘help them help themselves.’  Hiday & Ricke is committed to find ways (conventional or otherwise) to serve our clients and help them succeed. How can we help you?

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