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Hiday & Ricke Update

Hiday & Ricke Update

Message from Rob Hiday

When I was a boy, my dad was fond of saying “nothing is constant in this life but change”, and during my 66 years (so far) I have to say he was right.

Back in 1984, an opportunity arose and I decided to start this firm. In the beginning it was just me and one secretary. In 1987, Jeff Ricke became a partner in the firm. Jeff Becker joined us in 1995 and also became a partner shortly thereafter. The “Jeffs” and I have had a wonderful working relationship over these many years. From the outset, our orientation was that Hiday & Ricke should be created and managed like a corporation, for the long term. One of the main reasons for that decision was to ensure that it would exist long after I was gone. Many law firms are not set up that way, but exist at the pleasure of the primary shareholder. Often firms like that began to deteriorate or fall apart after the founder leaves.

Some years ago, the Jeffs and I began working on a succession plan so that if/or when something happened to one of us (death, disability, retirement etc.), the firm would simply move on and continue to exist as it had in the past. Today, paperwork was signed to begin that process. As of now, I am no longer the CEO of Hiday and Ricke PA. Jeff Ricke and Jeff Becker have assumed those responsibilities, and will be communicating with you separately as appropriate.

Mike Offley, our Director of Operations, will continue in his duties of the day-to-day overall management of the firm. I am so thankful to Mike for his tireless efforts and complete dedication to the firm which have contributed significantly to this decision process.

September 1 will be my last day as an employee of the firm. As of that time I will become “of counsel”. I will remain available to any client that would like to reach out and will continue to maintain the same email address for the foreseeable future. The firm will continue to use me for special projects, etc. on a part time basis.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to each and every client of the firm for allowing me to be serve you and your company. It has been a true privilege and a pleasure. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you wish to discuss this change in leadership or anything else that might be on your mind.

Best Regards,

Robert Hiday

Message from Jeff Ricke

Back in 1987 when I joined Rob Hiday at the law firm he began in 1984, I never thought about this time that is upon us now, the retirement of Rob. But that day has come and Jeff Becker and I, and the entire staff of Hiday & Ricke, P.A. congratulate Rob and wish him all the best in the future. We know he will be around to advise us but more importantly we know that what he has built here at Hiday & Ricke, P.A. will continue stronger than ever to serve our many valued clients.

I have moved into the role of President of the firm and Jeff Becker has assumed duties as Vice President. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, feel free to contact us anytime.


Jeff Ricke

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