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Smashing Stereotypes: Meet Jennifer

Smashing Stereotypes: Meet Jennifer

Just hours before the 7th game of the 2017 World Series, Jennifer Reiss was rooting for the Dodgers—for reasons that have more to do with her family than the team.

“I would love see the Dodgers win,” Jennifer says, not yet knowing that her hopes would be dashed. “Their 2nd baseman, Chase Utley, was on the wining 2008 Philadelphia World Series team.” Philadelphia is where her husband is from. Utley wears jersey #26. In solidarity with him, their son, a high school student who plays baseball and basketball, wears that same number on his jersey.

Got all that? It makes more sense if you consider that the Reiss family wants to visit all the major league ballparks. Every. Single. One. It’s a bucket list item. And Jennifer has seen quite a few of them already.

A smasher of stereotypes, Jennifer doesn’t match most people’s assumptions when she reveals that she’s an attorney. “I’m not a fan of public speaking,” she says, yet “people aren’t surprised when I do karaoke. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. People say ‘You don’t act like an attorney. You don’t seem the type.’ Whatever that is…”

Where she does fit the stereotype is in her attention to detail. “If there’s a problem to be solved, I think of creative ways to fix it,” she emphasizes. “If there’s no particular statute that applies, I come up with something that works, even if it means thinking outside the box.” I ask her if she wants to share any funny work-related stories. “There’s not much funny about the collection business,” she responds, not missing a beat. “There’s interesting, but not necessarily funny.”

Jennifer is a partner at Hiday & Ricke, P.A. and is a member of the Florida, Jacksonville and Florida Creditors Bar Associations, and the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA).
Prior to joining the firm in 2005, she practiced bankruptcy law for eight years in the Middle District of Florida after earning her BA from Florida State University and law degree from Samford University, Cumberland School of Law.

Jennifer is on the board of the Florida Creditors Bar Association (FLCBA) and is involved communicating with lobbyists to protect the interests of creditors and collection attorneys throughout the State. At Hiday & Ricke she handles consumer and commercial collection matters as well as insurance subrogation cases.

Jennifer has lived in Orange Park since she was five years old, and remembers when Blanding Boulevard was a two-lane road through cow pastures. “With real cows,” she insists.

Though she loves fishing in the Keys and wants to tour the Grand Canyon in an RV, she doesn’t name those as hobbies. For that, you’d have to look to jersey #26. “My son is my hobby,” she says with a mixture of pride and maybe a little surprise. She and her husband spend a lot of leisure time at sporting events cheering him on. Soon he’ll be off to college, hopefully on an academic or sports scholarship.

Then maybe she’ll start crossing items off her bucket list.

Author: Richard Salkin

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