About Our Ethics

eth·ics | eTHiks; Moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity.


From the day our law firm opened its doors in 1984, Hiday, Ricke, and our entire staff have held an unwavering belief that our success would be paved by high ethical standards and integrity. Our firm stands for doing the right thing, for our clients and for their debtors. We have a long-term view and do not cut corners.

“We give unrepresented opposing parties and our clients the benefit of the doubt.”

Every attorney at Hiday and Ricke is a shareholder with years of experience in collections, real estate, bankruptcy and commercial law. Our attorneys are members of the Florida bar, the National Creditors Bar Association and the Florida Creditors Bar Association (which we founded). We all undergo regular ethics training.

One of our prime directives is to always protect the reputation and integrity of our clients. We put that prerogative ahead of recoveries, profits and everything else. Regardless of the case, our focus is to protect and manage your name. We want to recover your funds in the most professional, respectful and transparent way we can.

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